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I'm a web developer I'm trying to build an app if this works we are going to buy u 20 T20 devices.

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Hello, sir! If you use the third-party plugins, then the NFC part uses the Android standard NFC API, but the T20 device is developed with our self-developed NFC API.
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I´m a representative of the massive transportation company of Cartagena Colombia, we have a lot of your devices and we need to run another app, how can we have access to your api?
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Please provide the sn of your device,then we will send you the sdk to your email,thanks
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We figured the NFC out with T20 and is running fine. But I don't understand why you don't develope the NFC driver that it does run like a "normal" NFC. This should be no big problem. Then nobody needs to change the code to support NFC on T20 (or T10) and you will not get problems with TapToPay Sdks from other companies, which need a "normal" NFC.

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