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Can't output Wiegand26 from App SDK Wiegand test. Our device can't see wiegand output from Telpo F10 device. Wiegand reader on device is work.

What is required for this to work?

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PosUtil.getWg26Status(long cardid);

PosUtil.getWg34Status(long cardid);



cardid: Decimal card number


PosUtil.sendSpecialWG(String cardNumBin)



Send custom Wigan signal(up to 64 bits)

cardNumBin: Binary string to send signal

Call Wiegand static method ,if the return value is 0 successfully means send success, if not 0 means send failed.

Receive Wiegand Data

PosUtil posutil = new PosUtil(context);

posutil.registerBroadcastWiegandInput();//Register broadcast

posutil.getWiegandInput(new WiegandInputListener() {// Listen for Wigan input


public void wiegandInput(byte[] inputData) {

// TODO Auto-generated method stub

// Data entered by Wigan: inputData

String data = new String(inputData);



posutil.unRegisterBroadcastWiegandInput();//At the end of the call, the broadcast is unregistered

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